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SERVING THE CERVIX: This is cervical cancer awareness, screening and treatment initiative targeted at women 21-65 years who are resident in Ogun State, Nigeria.   60,000 women is projected to be covered by the project over a 3 years period. The project is currently in its planning stage and implementation is expected to commence in 2016.

HEART ATTACK AND STROKE PREVENTION CAMPAIGN: This is an ongoing project that focus on the middle/upper class in the society especially in Ogun State. Interactive sessions are being organized for group of people in their offices, mosque, churches, schools, club houses etc to discuss the risk factors for heart attack and stroke with participants having opportunity to ask questions. Opportunity is also given to participants to have their blood pressure, cholesterol profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Triglycerides), fasting/random blood sugar, Basic Metabolic Index (BMI) determined to evaluate their level of risk. 

HEPATITIS SCREENING/IMMUNIZATION CAMPAIGN: The project offers hepatitis screening and immunization for those who qualify at a cost that is about 30% of the regular cost. Hand bills, posters and banners are used to sensitize the public

KNOW YOUR GENOTYPE CAMPAIGN: The project is focused on primary and secondary school pupils in Abeokuta. The students are encouraged to determine their genotype and blood group and marital counseling is offered to those who need it with their parents.

SAFEX CONCEPT SHOW: The safex concept show is an audience participation television game show designed to promote prevention of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B infection. The project is still in the planning stage as is expected to be implemented in 2016