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On invitation or through special arrangements, we carry out health promotion outreaches to segments of the society in offices, club meetings, worship houses, public events where we provide health education and on site screening services for hypertension, hepatitis B, HIV, diabetes mellitus and heart age to estimate stroke risk.



We provide basic microbiological and hematological laboratory tests like culture and sensitivity, urinalysis, pregnancy test, blood group and genotype, full blood count, HBV and HIV screening and so on to our clients and members of the public.

PROJECT SafeXensure

From HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, candidiasis, trichomoniasis, herpes, chancroid, pubic lice, hepatitis B, HPV infection, the obligatory precursor of cervical cancer and about 10 others, the prevalence sexually transmitted infections or diseases is becoming an epidemic worldwide especially in Sub-Saharan Africa which Nigeria is an integral part of. Though most STIs are often symptomless or with mild symptoms at the early stage, complications and long term health effects that may arise from them are sometimes very serious or life threatening. STIs are also of grave public health significance because they are associated with a very personal, behind closed door but fundamental act of human; sexual intercourse. They are also more common in adolescents and youths not only because of their high sexual activity but also because they tend to be more ignorant perceiving themselves as invincible and engaging in risky sexual behaviors.

In order to prevent sexually transmitted infections and control its incidence in our immediate society, the Health and Wellness Optimization Foundation has developed some programs especially for adolescents, youths and female sex workers. This includes:

  • Regular SafeX fellowship to interact with vulnerable groups and promote safe sexual practices.
  • Condom promotion and distribution.
  • Distribution of STIs info cards to highly vulnerable groups in the society
  • Distribution of My SafeX Template-a toolkit to promote delay initiation of sexual intercourse and conscious pre-sex initiation risk assessment.
  • Promotion of water base lubricants. We train our clients on home base preparation and use of lubricants.
  • Regular screening for STIs especially HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis,
  • STIs laboratory diagnosis and treatment.
  • Pre and post HIV exposure prophylaxis.
  • Hepatitis B and HPV immunization.


Using our radio program, Wellness Connect and opportunities provided during outreach programs and advocacy visits, we carry out campaign for the abandonment harmful traditional practices especially female genital cutting, gross facial marking and early marriage.

WELLNESS CONNECT:This is a phone-in radio programme running on a popular radio station Rockcity 101.9FM in Ogun State.  The programme presented in simple language focuses on diseases prevention and health promotion with special emphasis on women and youth health. Diverse topics like prevention of breast and cervical cancers, Pre-marital screening, Safeguarding liver health, adult immunization, kidney wellness, sexually transmitted infections, sexual safety, female genital cutting, obesity, drug abuse, rational drug use and so on are treated with experts in the field as resource persons. Apart from the opportunity to call or send short message during the programme, listeners can also send questions after the programme through SMS and WhatsApp which are usually responded to directly or treated on a new edition of Wellness Connect.